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Our team at d.k has the most sceintific approach for handling of various commodities and this scientific approach strtegy is followed in the entire chain of supply.
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Farm to Port:

we are at source point of procurement for many products such as gum karaya, red chillies, tamarind, seed spices like coriander seeds, bishop seed,. hence we have surely locational advantage for procurement.

we at d.k have direct access to farmland and framers who are growing chillies, turmeric, and we belive in complete backward integration in a way that we can transfer any kind of customers' requirements to them and get the required product as per our specs.
hence we have complete traceability to this entire cycle.

we have also installed scientific drying methods at farm level so as to have a control on aflatoxin and other toxin levels from farm to unloading port.

all our product are sterilized and packed in air tight packing to give no chance for bacteria to enter

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